LGBT People Aging

A bibliography by Mark Rabnett

The attached PDF document shows the complete list of the literature we have compiled on the health and psychosocial aspects of aging as it affects the LGBTQ+ population. As of June 2020 the bibliography has more than 1,100 citations.

You can view the entire bibliography as a PDF document. You can also download or print it in its entirety. Because of the large number of citations, abstracts are omitted.

Upon request, any subsection of the bibliography can be supplied to the requester, complete with abstracts. Contact us and request a search in your area of interest, e.g., lesbians, transgender, social networks, isolation, long-term care, end-of-life planning, etc.

Below are subsections of the bibliography that we think will be of interest. 

Core Literature

A selection of key references recommended by our volunteers. The articles and monographs represented in this list are significant contributions to the growing literature on aging as it affects LGBTQ+ people.

Canadian Literature

This PDF contains all the references from the main bibliography which cite materials published in Canada, or written by or about Canadians.

Recent Additions, 2019-2020

A handy selection of the most recent additions to the bibliography.

Contains 225 items published Jan 2019 through June 2020.

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