LGBTQ2S+ Resources Directory for Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands


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About this Directory

This directory includes any Vancouver Island services that:

  • Directly mention including sexual and gender diversity

  • Are not for profit

  • Are ongoing

  • Are intended to serve adults (anyone age 18 or more)

  • Are not a private business

  • Are not primarily a sex hook-up site

The directory scope is all of Vancouver Island. Groups that meet the above criteria, and some web sites on social media were intentionally included. Significant relationships and social interactions are essential for mental and physical health and reduce the risk of abuse and neglect.

People who are sexual and gender minorities may have difficulty finding non-commercial opportunities to meet peers and find non-judgmental community. 

The directory will be an ongoing project of the ‘Vancouver Island LGBTQ2S+ Community Response Network’ (CRN). The CRN is concerned with abuse, neglect, and self-neglect of adult LGBTQ2S+ people on Vancouver Island. Sexual and gender minority diverse have higher risks of abuse, neglect and self-neglect than others.

 Please tell us if:

  • We have incorrect or missing information or

  • If you are aware of a resource we have not listed